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let the mountains be my grave - 05.17.2022

“A touching story about finding hope in times of war and desolation, with a fascinating take on the survival of pagan magic.”
—Xiran Jay Zhao, author of Iron Widow
“If you liked Inglorious Basterds but wish there was more kissing and ancient theology, this is the book for you!”
—R.J. Theodore, author of FLOTSAM and SALVAGE
“A novella that reads like a shot of adrenaline, Let the Mountains Be My Grave is an explosive, high-octane queer Nazi-fighting fantasy packed with tightly-paced action, ancient Gods, and unexpected allies.” 
—Anya Ow, author of Cradle and Grave
“An intense and thrilling historical fantasy that combines bloody action, sharp character work, ancient gods, and a touch of romance.” 
—Charles Payseur, author of The Burning Day

about the author

Francesca Tacchi is a neurodiverse, queer writer of dark and humorous fantasy. Xe’s based in Bologna, Italy, where xe shares an apartment with xir spouse, a chonky shiba pup and three dozen plants. Francesca’s a huge history nerd, and strives to share xir country’s history and folklore through xir works. Xe can be found on Twitter at @jackdaw_writes, where xe posts historical threads amidst the shitposting. Xir historical fantasy novella, LET THE MOUNTAINS BE MY GRAVE, is part of Neon Hemlock’s 2022 Novella Series. Xe is also a contributor to the young adult anthology TRANSMOGRIFY! (HarperTeen 2023).